The Constitutional Rights Association is a nonprofit corporation founded as a result of the recent disclosures that our government is violating the US Constitution by effectively spying on US citizens here in the United States.

The actions of our government violate the fundamental principals upon which this nation was built, and violate the supreme laws of our land as laid out in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Sadly, the leadership of both the democratic and republican parties have taken the position (CYA) that the domestic spying programs are legal and necessary.  A program that is unconstitutional is by definition illegal.  Any citizen can read the plain words of the 4th amendment and see that the seizure of telephone and other records of US citizens without a warrant is a violation of the supreme law of this land.

The Constitutional Rights Association believes that if we as a people do not stand up now and have our voices counted, it may soon be too late.

Work with us to protect your freedoms.  You just might wish you had them someday.