This website and this organization is about you, your freedom and your rights as an American citizen.  Do you remember when you were a kid and people would say “you are the future” or “young people are the future” ?

This is the beginning of your future.  A future where you have no rights: no civil rights and no constitutional rights.  You and I and everyone else living in America are on that same road.  We are being spied on by our own government in violation of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution; and the NSA is keeping a permanent record of your communications.  Mass surveillance and domestic spying on each and every US citizen is the new reality.  There are a number of reasons that NSA domestic spying is taking place, and some of them are good intentioned.  But a willful and open violation of the Constitution by our government, if allowed to continue, will undermine and destroy our nation like an unattended leak in a dam.  Eventually the entire structure will crumble.

I am asking you to protect and defend our Constitution, our freedom and our civil rights, just as we are working to protect your rights.  Work with us to stop unconstitutional domestic spying and the domestic mass surveillance which violates our constitutional rights.  The NSA is collecting your communications data and undermining our democracy.

Do this for yourself.  We are reaching out to you.  Reach back and contact us.

Be a leader, or stand aside for those who will answer this call.

Use your voice to speak up for your own rights and liberty while you still have the liberty to use your voice.  Contact us to see how you can help end NSA domestic spying programs and the mass collection of surveillance data on America citizens.